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How long does a mortgage application take?

Last updated: November 17, 2022

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So, you’re applying for a mortgage. You’ve spoken to a mortgage advisor, dug out your pay slips, totted up your monthly outgoings and now you’re ready to submit your mortgage application.

But how long does a mortgage application take?

There are many factors that could affect how long it will take for your mortgage application to be accepted, processed and finally offered by the lender. In this blog we look at what these factors are and how long each might take.


The documents you submit with your mortgage application will affect how quickly you get your offer

When your mortgage application is submitted, you will be asked for some supporting documents and we cannot stress enough that these are critical to the process. If you’re employed you will need a minimum of 3 months payslips (remember these must be the most recent payslips so if you got paid the day before your application went in, you will need to make sure that pay slip is included). If you’re self-employed you will be asked for recent tax year overviews and/or accounts. How many years you will need to provide will be depended on the lender’s specific requirements but make sure you definitely have the most recent tax return done and dusted as this will be the one that is most significant to your application. Finally, if your broker requires an ID check, do this as quickly as poss to avoid any delays with your application.

Mortgage underwriting takes time so be patient

Once the lender has received your mortgage application they will begin the process of ascertaining whether or not the property is viable to lend against. This will often include a surveyor going out to visit the property to check that it is worth the amount being paid for it and that there are no complicating factors such as flying freeholds, boundary disputes, the roof is caving in etc. Be ready to respond to any queries that may come up.

The underwriting process will also include some very stringent checks on you, the applicant. The lender needs to know that you have enough income to comfortably cover your monthly mortgage payments and still have enough left over for all your outgoings (groceries, childcare costs, travel costs etc) and any liabilities (credit cards, store cards, car finance etc).

As well as proof of income, the lender will run a credit check to make sure that you have a history of being reliable when it comes to any financial commitments you have had in the past. It will help enormously if you have paid off any outstanding debts by this point.

All in all, the underwriting section of the mortgage application process can be quite straightforward (we’ve known mortgages to be approved in just a couple of days) but it can just as easily involve some too-ing and fro-ing as the lender requests further specific information from the applicant. It’s safe to say that on average, we’d expect underwriting to take 2-4 weeks.

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Pay attention to lender lead times when submitting a mortgage application

Every lender has a different volume of mortgage applications that they are processing at any given time. Your mortgage advisor should know what these are and should factor this in when choosing the best lender for your needs. If you need a swift mortgage offer make sure that you apply to a lender with a low lead time.

When it comes to the speed of a mortgage application, there are no guarantees

So we’ve been through the different stages of a mortgage application and understood the variables that can affect the speed at which it is processed. When we are asked “how long does a mortgage application take?”, we’d love to be able to say, it takes 2-4 weeks every time but the truth is it can vary hugely. Allowing 6-8 weeks would be a sensible move.

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Of course the whole application process can be made far smoother by using a reputable mortgage advisor who should check all your documents and submit the application for you and then chase it through to offer on your behalf.

At Hudson Rose, we like to think we’re offering something a bit different. A relaxed and accessible approach to mortgages that empowers you to make your own fully informed decisions. Let us walk you through some options and see if we can assist in making your next purchase dream a reality. Give us a call today for a free initial chat 0330 122 9920

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