We ❤ Media

From first time buyers to experienced property developers, everyone who needs a mortgage will have plenty of questions. We want to help you to find the answers you need and help to demystify the process. So we utilise a wide range of media options to bring you loads of info in easy to understand, bite-sized nuggets  and everyone loves a nugget, right?

The Hudson Rose YouTube Channel

Since Hudson Rose began back in 2017, we’ve been smashing out these little videos to help explain all the complexities of applying for a mortgage or sorting your life insurance.

The Hudson Rose UK Mortgage Podcast

Why not have everything you need to know about mortgages pumped straight into your ears whilst you take the dog for a walk, sit on the train or wander around the supermarket?

The Hudson Rose Music Playlist

We ask all our clients to choose a song for our playlist. Why? Because it gives us a little bit more insight into who they are and what they’re into and that helps us tailor our services to suit their needs.

Hudson Rose on the Radio

Graham from Hudson Rose having a chat on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. We talk about all things mortgage related as well as bits self-employed people can do to help secure that all important finance, and what the budget means for everyone hoping to buy or sell property in the coming year.

The Hudson Rose Social Media Channels

Follow along for handy info, amusing anecdotes and updates on Graham’s latest hair colour.