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Swindon: A Great Town To Buy a First Family Home

Last updated: June 6, 2023

Ariel view of Swindon

Swindon may not be the most well-known or popular place in England–but we’d say that’s a good thing. Houses in major cities like London and Birmingham are ridiculously priced. Even if you move to the outskirts of these places, you can still expect to pay a huge sum of money for your first family home. So why do people live in those areas in the first place? Well, it’s mainly because of the local education and work opportunities.


But what if we told you that Swindon can offer just as good work opportunities, great schooling for your kids, and even fantastic transport links around the UK to make travelling a breeze? You might not believe it, but Swindon has all of that and more. It’s really become a gem in the housing market in England, making it a fantastic town to buy your first family home.


Swindon is great for first-time buyers

If you’re buying your first family home then look away from those major cities and their outskirts. Swindon is perhaps one of the best places to live if you’re looking for an affordable home in an area that has plenty of opportunities and transportation links. But most importantly, it’s a great place for first-time buyers.


First of all, the price of housing in Swindon makes it absolutely fantastic for first-time buyers who aren’t looking to spend ridiculous sums of money for a home. This means the downpayment is lower and the mortgage is also more affordable.


Secondly, it’s a great place to set up your home. There are loads of jobs available thanks to a stable and growing job market. There’s no lack of fantastic opportunities in the local area here, and we can’t forget the increasing popularity of work-from-home positions that make it unnecessary to live close to your workplace.


Lastly, there are many opportunities for your kids as well. You get access to fantastic schools and amenities, and you even have superb transportation links if you ever want to travel to a major city or around the UK for a holiday.


In short, Swindon strikes the perfect balance between affordability, opportunities, and quality of life. But this is just scratching the surface of why Swindon is a great place for your first family home.

Tree outside Swindon property

Swindon is great for the kids

One of the biggest reasons that people move into new homes in the first place is because they want to establish a better community and environment for their children. You’ll be glad to hear that there are many factors which make Swindon one of the best places to raise your family.

Low crime rates

Swindon has one of the lowest crime rates in the United Kingdom, making it a really safe place for your kids to grow up in. It’s the type of environment where you’ll feel at ease letting your kids walk to and from school on their own.

Plenty of green space

Growing up in a concrete jungle might be suitable for some, but for our kids, it’s best if they get to experience nature and fresh air. Swindon has plenty of open green spaces with low pollution.

Excellent schools

Swindon also has excellent schools such as the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, Swindon Academy, and Lydiard Park Academy. There’s even an upward trend of these schools improving!

Swindon houses

Swindon has excellent transport links

Swindon is an excellent place to live and work thanks to the outstanding transport links. You’ll find it easy to get to and from both Bristol and London, and this connects you to the rest of the UK as well. You also have plenty of bus and coach services running throughout the town.

Having great transportation links means that it’s easy for you to get a job in Swindon or around the neighbouring towns. It’s even possible to find work in larger nearby towns, assuming you’re fine with commuting by train. No matter what kind of workplace you want to be a part of, you can have peace of mind knowing that Swindon offers excellent transportation links to help you get around.

Hudson Rose Advisers

So no matter if you’re a working professional or a new family, moving to Swindon is a great choice thanks to all of the amenities, transport links, and the affordability of homes.

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