High Value Mortgages.

Borrowing larger sums when purchasing premium property can give rise to a different set of challenges. Many lenders put restrictions in place on the maximum loan to value on offer for larger loans, or look to reduce the loan to income ratio.

Knowing who to approach and how to structure the debt is key when dealing with loans in excess of £1M. At Hudson Rose, we will advise you on the suitable credit terms and arrange for the finance to be available quickly and efficiently.


Premium properties may also feature annexes or large acreage which many lenders may not accept as suitable security. Understanding these nuances allows us to place your mortgage with the correct lender and avoid any pitfalls further into the process.


Over the years we have had extensive experience in the high net worth mortgage sector and have access to many lenders both high street & non-high street who will be able to assist.


We also understand that entrepreneurs, partnership agreements and executive incomes can be more complex. Whether it is vesting stock options or multiple business structures we will take the time to understand your situation before sourcing the most appropriate credit terms.

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You would rather be doing other things.

Securing finance for a house purchase, remortgaging a rental property or borrowing funds to complete some home improvements are not jobs which fill most people with glee. It is understandable that, whilst these might be essential tasks, you would most likely prefer to be doing something else.

It’s ok, we get it.

We enable you to complete your fact find in your own time from your personal client area. Whether you use a phone, tablet or laptop, the form can be saved so you can come back to it later, should you need to.

With thousands of mortgage products out there, knowing which one best meets your needs at the right cost can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, at Hudson Rose we love a good mortgage. This means you can leave the research, number crunching and paperwork to us leaving you with more time to do what makes you happy.

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