Residential Mortgages.

Coming to the end of your existing product and not sure if staying with your current lender is the right thing to do?

Need to get advice on funding some home improvements or trying to lower your monthly outgoings?

We can help.

What mortgage do I need?

The market for residential mortgages in the UK is complex and ever changing with interest rates being the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Lending criteria and a variety of different fees charged all mean that it is difficult to know if you have chosen the most suitable mortgage for your circumstances

As a whole of market residential mortgage broker, we are able access thousands of products and recommend the most suitable option. We have access to exclusive rates as well as underwriters with whom we can discuss more complex cases, giving peace of mind.

First Time Buyers

Buying your first property can seem daunting. As your personal mortgage broker, we will advise you every step of the way and liaise with other professional parties to make sure that the financial side of things is not something you have to worry about.

Contractor Mortgages

Contractors who bill a daily rate through their limited company are often frustrated by lenders applying a traditional self-employed policy when assessing income. We have vast experience working with contractors and can place applications using the value of the contract rather than relying on limited company returns.

Next Time Buyers

Whilst you may already have a mortgage, do you know if it is still the most suitable one for your needs? We can advise you on other products available in the market place and compare it to your current deal. If staying with the same product is best, we can arrange for the transfer across to the new property for you. Best of both worlds, as they say.

Offset Mortgages

Offsetting savings against your mortgage can be an excellent way to reduce the amount of interest you pay. It is possible to reduce the monthly payment or the overall term whilst maintaining access to your funds and can be particularly useful for certain professionals.


Whether a sole trader, partnership or limited company,  lenders assess the self-employed in many different ways. The varying ways in which income can be assessed can mean large variances between loan sizes offered. After understanding your business, we will make a recommendation that allows you to obtain the mortgage you need with the minimum fuss.

High Value Mortgages

We have extensive experience with high value mortgages and understand that the high street may not always be able to help. With access to specialist underwriters , as well as private banks, we will make sure that you obtain the best terms for your mortgage regardless of loan size.

Help, I'm buying a property!

Purchasing property is not something that most of us do regularly and, as a result, it is easy to forget when to do what and with whom. The order of speaking to estate agents, financial advisers, solicitors etc is left to best guess and the whole thing can seem a bit overwhelming.

We can't deny that any property transaction can be stressful - it's a major fight between the heart and the head in most instances! However, with a bit of planning and preparation for the different stages, you can minimise the angst and try and enjoy the experience.

Having been helping people purchase property for a number of years we thought we would write an easy to read guide that covers off some of the major steps and processes associated with buying a house in England & Wales.

If you pop your email into the box below, we will send a copy straight over.

We hope you like it and find it useful!


We can't predict the future. We don't know what is around the corner.

The world is full of heartbreaking stories of people dying prematurely, becoming ill or having serious accidents. Should this happen to you it is likely that you would want to minimise the financial stress that unfortunately accompanies such events.

We will discuss with you the various ways and means you can protect yourself from losing your home should the worst happen. We appreciate it is not an uplifting conversation to have however not addressing these risks could make a terrible situation even worse.

We will advise on how to protect yourself and your family in the event of death, loss of income and serious illness and will tailor our advice to your individual circumstances.


As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply

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