Specialist Mortgages.

There are situations where standard mortgage products are not appropriate and these call for a more specialist form of finance, as well as a specialist mortgage broker!

Self-build residential homes, funding for larger developments as well as heavy refurbishment projects all require specialist mortgages. We will take the time to listen to your aims and requirements before advising on the most suitable product for you.


Creating your own bespoke home is a dream for many people in the UK. Whether you need funding for a complete project or a small mortgage to complete a build, we can assist by utilising a range of specialist mortgages to make the dream a reality.

Development Finance

If you are a developer looking to fund your next project there are a range of options available. These can overwhelm even the most experienced investors and taking professional advice can lead to saving precious time and money.

Bridging, Mezzanine & Second Charge Lending

Sometimes the situation requires access to short term lines of credit. Should this be the most appropriate option, we will introduce you to selected specialist brokers allowing you to crack on with the job without delay.

Builders working on wooden construction site, modern wooden house.

A word about self-build mortgages

One of the fundamental differences between a self-build mortgage and a standard purchase mortgage is that, with a self build mortgage, the money is released in stages as the build progresses rather than as a lump sum.

There are a number of key 'stages' in a property's development where lenders release the funds. Traditional self-build mortgages will release the funds 'in arrears' which means that you finance each stage before it is inspected by a surveyor with the lender reimbursing you for the cost.

However, some lenders do offer the facility to advance the money to pay for each stage of the build. This type of scenario is ideal for self-builders with smaller cash sums available with which to commence the project.

Similar to the mainstream market, lenders offer varying products with a wide range of criteria and policy. With self-build every property is unique (and why shouldn't it be!) so if you wish to discuss how to best finance your own development, hit the contact us button and we can put our heads together.

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